Navigation has never been easier.

The home button on the front of the i3HUDDLE is easy to access and returns you to your home screen, which offers you instant access to every application on this all-in-one device.

Change the way you have meetings.

i3HUDDLE is an all-in-one meeting solution which enhances communication and collaboration. Walk up to the whiteboard, draw, annotate, share and convert. i3HUDDLE is straightforward and intuitive and does not require training.

i3SYNC, a plug & play wireless presentation tool.

Discover a new way to give presentations with this compact and lightweight presentation device. The i3SYNC is easy-to-use and enables different participants to share content on the i3HUDDLE from any device with the push of a button.

i3NOTES, whiteboarding made easy.

i3NOTES offers essential whiteboarding tools for the i3HUDDLE to make notes and draw ideas with digital ink. The intuitive interface allows you to get started immediately. Connect i3NOTES to your i3MEETINGHUB account for advanced editing and sharing options.

Connect, collaborate and share with i3MEETINGHUB.

i3MEETINGHUB integrates the fundamental features from analog traditional presentation tools into an intuitive user interface without losing their functionalities. It is a powerful collaboration tool which allows remote and local users to instantly join visual collaboration sessions and interact with any type of content from any location.

Capacitive touch technology.

The i3HUDDLE with C-Sense Technology fully incorporates capacitive sensing. A capacitive screen does not rely on pressure, which makes it more responsive than a traditional resistive screen, and brings unequalled user experiences to the meeting room.

Reinvent your meeting experience.